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Instagram: Complete Guide — History, Products, Founding, and More -  History-ComputerInstagram is the new Facebook. About ten years back, Facebook was loaded with people of generations. There were the old, young, millennials, and Genz, and everyone was on it. Now that it is what is happening with Instagram. It has grown into that common social media website that everyone uses.

It has seen enormous growth in the last few years that it has become one of the busiest social media websites on the planet today. Instagram has over 200 million active users to its credit. Since on Instagram, we have followers, and we follow others, a random person would be weighed on the coolness scale on the basis of the number of free instagram followers that  person has. So on Instagram, everyone is on this quest to get more followers. It somehow gives people a sense of pride and satisfaction. Influencers, celebrities, brands all are weighed of their social media presence by the number of followers they have.

Fame and followers

Even normal people on Instagram want more real Instagram followers because we are all attention seekers. We want more people to know what we are doing and where we are. Some people who may be lonely in real life may be very active on social media. They may feel more appreciated online than they feel in their real lives. On Instagram, there are many content creators and influencers. Many people who are talented in singing or dancing or drawing etc, get a platform to showcase their talents. They get the recognition and fame they wouldn’t have gained otherwise. Since social media connects people around different parts of the world, content that gets viral reaches almost all the nooks and corners of the world in just a matter of minutes. Isn’t it fascinating that a video that was made somewhere gets so much attention it is even loved by people so far away?

When you have a new business to run, and you want your product to do great in the market, what do you do? Marketing is crucial to getting your product launched effectively in the market. And the way we do that today is through digital marketing. We make use of all kinds of online methods that advertise and popularise the product. Social media marketing, influencer marketing, and content marketing are some of the trending techniques that most brands use to establish their brands. All major brands have social media handles. And the better site for that is Instagram.

Instagram is growing in terms of its active user base, and so it is undoubtedly the best place to start an account for your brand. But for people to notice what is going on in that account, you need them to follow it. But things aren’t that easy. Everyone wants to be followed on Instagram, but no one wants to follow. Getting real Instagram followers is a task. The popularity of any brand is assessed by the number of followers it already has. The only way to get real Instagram followers overnight is by using services like idigic.

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